February  2018

A hastened harvest

Over the past three summers, the worst drought in living memory has gripped the Western Cape. As a result, water allocations from the great Berg River that flows so languidly past our farm at this time of the year, have been tightened and tightened again.

In late January, as the 2018 harvest got into full swing, Org de Rac’s estate managers were forced to plan the most contracted harvest in the farm’s history. With insufficient water to stretch the ripening of the grapes over the usual three or four-week period, the cellar will have to cope with large quantities of harvested grapes over a much shorter period.

In spite of the pressure he’s under, Org de Rac wine maker, Frank Meaker is extremely pleased with what he has seen so far:

“The vines are healthy and although we expect that the harvest will be smaller than usual, the berry shape and size is excellent,” he says.

Also positive about the harvest is Org de Rac’s vineyard manager, Marius Kotze who says:

“There are no dry patches on the farm, the vines are all green and healthy.”

Marius says the estate has made excellent use of its hi-tech weather station and irrigation monitoring system. The system provides accurate information about the water requirements of the vines at different soil depths and different times of the day. This means that Marius and his team are able to control water usage down to the last drop. There is simply no wastage.

“We’ll finish the harvest and we’ll manage the production in the cellar,” says Marius with a smile.

And then he calls up that ubiquitous South African saying “’n boer maak ’n plan” (a farmer makes a plan) which essentially means “everything’s going to be okay.”

We’ve got this. The Org de Rac cellar team – Jurgen, Frank, Kosie, George, Charl, Abraham and Wendley – 
are pictured with the first grapes of the 2018 harvest.

Wingerd by die paaltjies – see how it’s grown!

The “vineyard on poles” we featured in our December 2016 newsletter is all grown up and ready for harvest. Framed by Org de Rac Estate’s glorious roses and a clear summer sky, “wingerd by die paaltjies” – two blocks of Malbec and Petit Verdot – creates a magnificent summer vista for visitors to the estate.


European buyers enjoy a warm Swartland welcome

Late in January, Org de Rac welcomed German agent, Bert Seiter and eight European wine buyers who sampled some of our best organic wines over lunch at the estate.

Bert is the owner of Bert’s Wein Express, a German wine importer and distributor, and plays an important role in the distribution of Org de Rac wines across Europe. And, as you can see from the photograph, he is something of a fan.

“I was very happy to see that Frank Meaker from Org de Rac, who poured his wines to our customers for the first time, has done so well,” said Bert.

“Org de Rac organic wines are highly appreciated by many of our customers, especially those who enjoy a rather serious, classic “old world” style. Some of our customers have complimented me personally on the entry of Org de Rac wines to our portfolio. We are looking forward to boosting the distribution of these wines in Germany and other European countries.”

Valentine's Day treat

Spoil yourself and your partner this Valentine’s Day by purchasing Die Waghuis red and white blends − a premium Org de Rac combo available at R300 for both bottles.

Die Waghuis white is a crisp blend of Verdelho, Roussanne and Chenin Blanc varietals, while Die Waghuis red is an equally lively blend of Syrah, Grenache, Mourvédre and Verdelho. The white wine earned a gold medal at the 2017 Michaelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards.



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