A real winter

September 2018

A real winter

 In the spirit of Spring, this is a good newsletter. Firstly, we have had a real winter on the farm.

The southern hemisphere winter season of June, July and August saw cool to cold weather and - more importantly – healthy bouts of rainfall on our farm. The cold fronts kept rolling in from the north-west and we are still in the process of experiencing above average rainfall. 

These conditions are terrific for our vines’ health as the plants need a long, deep slumber in cold weather to muster their energy for the growing season of spring and summer. At the time of writing some of the vines are going through bud-burst, but due to the cold weather this is later than usual. 

Warmer weather will follow, and soon the plants will be showing signs of life. And before we know it, the grapes will start to appear. After this wonderful winter and with our commitment to natural organic farming, we are expecting healthy fruit and – of course – good wine.

British Wine Guru Rates Org de Rac

The second reason for having a spring in our step is the ratings our wines received from Tim Atkin, a British Master of Wine and internationally renowned wine expert. Tim visits South Africa each year to compile a report on the industry which is seen throughout the world as an important indicator as to where our country’s wines stand. Rating almost 2 000 wines during his visit, the report is exhaustive and comprehensive. 

In this year’s report, which has just been released, Org de Rac achieved three 90-plus, which really see as tremendous recognition for our farm, our way of farming and the wines. Atkin gave a 91pt rating to Org de Rac Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2015, with the Merlot Reserve (2015) and Roussanne (2017) each garnering 90pts. 

These top-ratings affirm the quality of fruit the organic vineyards have delivered over the past few years. The recent ratings from Tim Atkin attest to this, also underscoring the farm’s diversity in terms its ability to make good wine from various grape varieties. Getting top scores for wines made from cultivars as diverse as a Bordeaux-inspired Merlot and Mediterranean white like Roussanne really emphasises the diversity of the Cape winelands as a place to grow and make wine. And we are proud to play a part in this through organic viticulture in a very special part of the country’s wine landscape. 

The Tim Atkin ratings followed close on the heels of the 92pts Org de Rac’s Roussanne 2017 received at the inaugural Winemag Competition for Alternative Grape Varieties. This competition, which aims to rate the standard of South African wines made from alternative grape varieties as well as to promote an awareness of these wines, saw 97 wines being entered with Org de Rac achieving the second highest score in the White Wine category. 

We are really pleased at these awards as they not only underscore our wine quality, but also go a long way in helping raise the profile for Org de Rac in the market-place. 

Because everyone just loves a winner….

Vegan-friendly wines make a splash

Org de Rac recently set the tongues wagging when it announced that the wine industry can expect the demand for vegan wines free from animal-derivatives to increase as veganism becomes one of the fastest-growing consumer trends globally.

This is relevant for Org de Rac as we have eschewed all animal products such as fining agents that have been part of the traditional wine-making process, and along with its organic status we are experiencing an increase in demand due to the status of its vegan wines.

The fact is, not many consumers are aware of the fact that animal products are used in wine-making.

 The growing trend towards veganism is leading to greater scrutiny of what food and drink contains, and being vegan-friendly most certainly helps. 

There can be no doubt the rise in veganism as a way of life – especially among the so-called millennial crowd which is an important part of the wine industry’s consumer base. 

Traditionally, eggs and certain fish products were used to fine wines – getting rid of the cloudiness to leave a clear, polished drink. At Org de Rac we don’t use any of these, employing the non-animal agents that are available, such as clay-based bentonite.

Being a producer of vegan wines comes at the right time for us, as the eschewing of animal products is growing exponentially. A few years ago the concept of veganism was limited to the impression of a few flower children eating lentil lasagne while tuning their guitars on a deserted beach. This is no longer the case – veganism has entered the mainstream, with various American researchers have named veganism the number one food trend for 2018. And this trend is rampant in the world’s leading wine markets. 

There’s been a 600% increase in people identifying as vegans in the U.S in the last three years. According to a report by research firm GlobalData, only 1% of U.S. consumers claimed to be vegan in 2014. And in 2017, that number rose to 6%. In the UK, the number of people identifying as vegans has increased by 350%, compared to a decade ago, according to research commissioned by the Vegan Society in partnership with Vegan Life magazine.

Over 600 000 British people regard themselves as vegan, and the increase shows no signs of abating. So in consumer terms, veganism is definitely a thing. And Org de Rac is happy to know it is in the right lane.

Great listing in the United Kingdom!

Org de Rac’s wines are heading for the UK where top distributor AMATHUS will be offering our wines to select clients in restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars and independent. 

AMATHUS is a leading supplier to the on and off trade, always on the look-out for the new and the exclusive, with quality being non-negotiable.

We therefore see it as a feather in our cap that they have selected our wines for their customers. 

From October AMATHUS will be offering the following Org de Rac wines: Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Reserve Chardonnay, Reserve Shiraz, Die Waghuis White and Die Waghuis Red. 


Organic Olive Oil

The new season’s olive oil from Org de Rac is available – but only on the farm due to a limited supply. 

It is made from the trees growing organically on our farm, cold-pressed to international standards and absolutely delicious. 

Besides begin a non-negotiable part of any kitchen, the oil makes a great gift so grab two or more bottles while you are here @ R80-00 per 500ml bottle.