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For more information on cost and shipping of our range of organic wines, please email wine@orgderac.co.za or call us at 022 913 2397 / 022 913 3923. For enquiries on bigger orders, please contact marketing@orgderac.co.za.

The Old Pumphouse
Cape Ruby

This organic Cape Ruby has a very bright deep beetroot colour and opulent nose with a mixture of baked fruitcake and fresh berries underlined with a rich nutty, mature bouquet.

Platter Guide 2016: 3 stars
Nedbank Green Wine Awards 2015: 3.5 stars 

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Il Genio

Made and distilled from Merlot skins by master distiller Georgio Dalla Cia, Il Genia is a collaboration between Org de Rac and Della Cia Wines & Spirits and is a special editiion with each bottle numbered.

Platter Guide: 4 stars
Nedbank Green Wine Awards 2015: 4 stars 

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