Why choose
 organic wines?

Our adherence to strict organic farming methods yields a harvest of grapes that is cultivated in naturally healthy soil, fertilized by active organic compost and untouched by herbicides, pesticides or fungicides.

The grapes are then made into wine according to rigorous organic practices and standards.

Our organic approach benefits both the environment and the wine drinker: antioxidants found in red wine which are known to protect against cancer, heart disease and even aging are more concentrated in organic wines. And, organic wines contain much lower levels of sulphur dioxide, a preservative that is commonly used in the making of wine

Discover our unique clone selection

At Org de Rac we are fortunate to grow about five different clones of each variety of red wine. This gives the winemaker the scope to create unique wines that express the individual characteristics of each site in the vineyard. Each clone is picked at the optimal time and kept apart from other clones, providing the winemaker with the building blocks to create complex wines. Top performing varietal clones are aged in barrels, some being used in the creation of Org de Rac’s Reserve range, or the ever-popular mid-range selection.

Org de Rac winemakers adhere to organic winemaking techniques, using only natural additives to enhance the quality of the wine. As a result, Org de Rac wines are ideal for vegans, and wine lovers that appreciate natural, healthier wines.

Org de Rac prides itself on its wide range of superior quality wines; we offer a wine to suit any taste and budget. Org de Rac wines are produced to the highest standards, using the best available technology, and with the utmost respect for the earth, its people and, above all, for you, the discerning wine lover.